Saturday 10 March, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

Doors 10:30 | Matches Start 11:00

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No trash talk this year. We'll let the Tennis speak for itself. Make sure you come and see what it has to say. Good luck to KCL



When Gala wrote ‘Freed from Desire’ in 1996, she would not have foreseen the major sphere of influence this banger of a tune would eventually come to wield. 

 The repeating line of the chorus, revamped to ‘King’s is on fire, UCL is terrified cos King’s is on fire’ perfectly embodies situation as it stands. 

With every na in ‘nananana’ we emphasise our superior skill, intellect, humour and physical attractiveness.  

With each team currently tied at 1 win each, in the best sporting spirit we wish our opponents good luck because they’ll be needing it as ‘we just want more and more.’