Saturday 9 March, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

Doors 10:30 | Matches Start 11:00

Tennis_UCLKCL standing-min.png


“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” The words of an understandably naïve Benjamin Franklin, who clearly didn’t get the memo about UCL winning the 2019 Tennis Varsity back when he wrote his letter back in 1789.

With UCL Tennis’ victory a given, we are extremely grateful to Kings for taking the time out of their day to come and give us some target practice as we march on with our successful seasons.

UCL will bring it with force and win Varsity in every respect so get your tickets and we’ll see you there. Let’s go UC.



The society has been closer than it ever has before. The team is working hard to make 09/03/19 a memorable one for all KCL tennis members.

See you there