Monday 12 March, Coolhurst Tennis & Squash Club

Doors 11:45 | Matches Start 12:05

squash (all) copy.png


UCL Squash looks forward to confirming what we already know, that Varsity 2018 is going to be ours! It’s been a while since our Men’s 1st have had the opportunity to beat King’s since their relegation at the end of last season, so it will be a great chance to show them who’s boss! Bring it on, King’s. #BleedPurple #TeamUCL


As squash makes its Varsity bow, we can't wait to show everyone exactly what makes our sport incredible! Here at KCL Squash we've been tearing up the season left, right and centre. While crushing our divisions, we've also been across the country playing tournaments and mixing it with the best. We like to keep it simple - UCL haven't got a prayer!