Sunday 10 March, UEL Sportsdock

Doors 12:30 | Men’s Match 13:00 | Women’s Match 15:30





Remember when UCL won Varsity Basketball and their fans stormed the court in cerebration? Yeah… we don’t either. Honestly, there are whole generations of basketball fans and students who can’t remember the last time UCL actually won this match…

So in the interests of preserving historical memory here are some things you should probably know about this year’s King’s College London Men’s Basketball team for when historians look back upon this remarkable run of victories in the centuries to come. This team is: formidable, unprecedented, courageous, kafkaesque, unbeatable, captivating and laudable — a completely random collection of adjectives that’s for sure. What’s more: this team is indisputably the biggest thing on a campus that includes 19 Noble Laureates, 15 Pulitzer Prize Winners, 2 future Olympians and a movie star. Who’s the movie star you ask? Does it matter?

Anyway, come to Varsity Basketball this year to support King’s College London, we can’t promise a close game, we can’t promise our opponents will put up much of a fight, but you might just be able to watch a dynasty being formed… #bleedred #dynasty #losingcount






UCL Men’s Basketball have bounced back from an underachieving season last year and are having an extremely successful campaign in all competitions. Thanks to coach Joel Moore, former Great Britain captain and winner of two Commonwealth gold medals, the newcomers have blended perfectly with the experienced seniors to build a very strong team. After a blowout win at the Thunderdome and a sensational buzzer-beater at home three days later, the team is ready to prove its superiority once again at Varsity. Our quality and competitiveness will result in a spectacular game full of memorable moments. Come and support us as we proceed to triumph over King’s and make history by winning varsity basketball.


Back with some fresh talent and stronger than ever, UCL Women's Basketball is ready to show Kings what we're made off. After a successful season thanks to great height and good fights, and of course our coach Michael Martin who has finally come to his senses to join the good side, we've trained hard to put on a good show in the most anticipated game of the year - after already pushing Kings down the 1A league. Join us for another showdown against our rivals as we are ready to dethrone Kings and fight it out on the court to show who's best!